Studijski Monitor RCF Ayra 8

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Studijski Monitor RCF Ayra 8

by Rcf

 CENA PO KOMADU. Studijski Monitor RCF Ayra 8:


  • The compact design is ideal for nearfield applications such as home and studio recording, DJ monitoring, multimedia applications and more
  • The MDF cabinet has a stylish design with a lacquer painted finish and a white woofer to give it a modern look with a retro twist
  • The 8" composite fiberglass woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter provide clear, natural audio reproduction with a wide frequency response
  • The cabinet has a smooth front that reduces audio reflections. There is also a slotted bass port on the front of the cabinet that helps to extend low frequency response while reducing distortion and turbulence
  • A precise directivity waveguide around the tweeter provides consistent coverage and a wide sweet spot
  • The speaker has a biamplified Class-AB design that provides 80W to the woofer and 30W to the tweeter to deliver a strong performance with low distortion
  • The rear panel offers XLR, 1/4" and RCA inputs for wide compatibility with a variety of professional and consumer audio systems and devices
  • Input sensitivity and HF trim controls let you customize the speaker's performance and there is also a soft limiter to ensure smooth operation
  • The speaker has a selectable 115/230V operating voltage for international use
33.150,00 din.

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