Sanken mikrofon CSS-50

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Sanken mikrofon CSS-50

by Sanken

 Thanks to the three-capsule line array for frontal pickup, with its elements arranged vertically along the same axis, Mono / Stereo compatibility is superb.

In the MONO mode, sharp directivity is maintained over a wide frequency range for the aimed frontal sound sources, using the combination of a second gradient microphone and a line microphone. It is significant that the CSS-50 picks up the chosen sound source very clearly even in a noisy ambient situation or in a long reverberation space.

In the NORMAL mode, the CSS-50 clearly picks up the targeted sound as well as extremely accurate stereo localization. The Stereo angle is approximately 115 degrees. The WIDE mode is designed for stereo recording of sound effects. This mode allows a wider 140 degree pickup, whereas conventional M-S microphones have a maximum of 127 degrees.

When a directional microphone is near the sound source, the proximity effect results in a boosting of certain low frequencies and slight masking of others. The CSS-50 virtually eliminates the proximity effect in spite of sharp directivity, while the sonic characteristics do not change with varied distances between source and microphone. This is a significant advantage over all other directional microphones.

  • Unique 3 Capsule Design
  • Wide 100Hz-15kHz frequenzy response
  • Low proximity effect for more consistent sound
  • Short 8.5 inches
  • Mono – For sharp shotgun directivity and excellent low frequency definition
  • Normal – For precise directional hyper-cardioid focus with accurate stereo localization
  • Wide – Expanded 140 degree stereo image for cinematic ambiance and stereo sound effects
  • Standard XLR5 connector

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