Sanken mikrofon CS-2 mono

Mikrofoni Žičani

Sanken mikrofon CS-2 mono

by Sanken

 At just 250mm/10” long, the CS-2 weighs only 110grams/3.8 oz., making it lightweight and ideal for camera-mounted or boom pole operations. An external brass chassis markedly increases durability, while the PPS (Poly-gold Phenylene Sulfide) diaphragm membrane provides optimum resistance to changes caused by adverse temperature and humidity.

A rich, natural sound makes the CS-2 ideal for a wide range of uses, such as for outdoor location sound, interviews, sports, drama, variety shows, and many more.

  • Clear sound without distortion
  • 120mm/4.75” long audio tube in standard 250mm/10” mic housing
  • Optimum audio capture via Sanken’s original rectangular capsule
  • High Boost Switch compensates for windscreen frequency attenuation
  • Consistent operation in all types of weather
  • Supersharp directivity

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