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by Rcf


The MMU 3100 master unit includes all the features necessary to set-up a meeting for up to 80 microphone sets.
Recording output and playback input are present as well, together with a dedicated input and output for teleconference system interfacing.
The unit is able to provide 80W on its 100V or 70V output for the connection of additional sound reinforcement speakers present in the room. One line level output is available too, for the link to an independent sound reinforcement system.
User controls are on front panel and include volume levels for inputs and powered outputs, directed to the reinforcement speakers integrated in each microphone console and to the ones connected to the amplifier direct output.
Two devices MMU 3100 can be linked through a dedicated port, to expand the number of the delegate microphones to 160.

  • Input to connect up to 80 microphone sets with volume and voice EQ controls
  • Additional universal input on both XLR and removable screw terminals for lectern microphone or interview microphone or other sources with volume and voice EQ controls
  • Phantom power available
  • Input and outputs connections to an external recorder/player device, PLAY / REC selector switches with LED indicators. Volume control and tone EQ on PLAY-OUT
  • Teleconference dedicated input and output
  • Sound reinforcement and recording system output
  • Built-in power amplifier to feed the consoles speakers with volume selector
  • Built-in 80W power amplifier output with volume control for additional constant voltage sound reinforcement speakers
  • 80 W (desktop microphones), 80 W (70 / 100 V loudspeaker output)
  • 70 V (62.5 Ω) / 100 V (125 Ω)

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