RCF-FMU 9100 Conference System

Konferencijski Sistemi

RCF-FMU 9100 Conference System

by Rcf




The central unit allows to digitally connect and manage up to 120 consoles on four lines (30 each line) by means of cable CAT5.

An audio reinforcement system can be connected through 4 LINE level outputs and turned off or attenuated with the insertion of groups of microphones; a recorder and a remote conference audio system can also be connected as well as a personal computer through USB or RS232.


  • Up to 120 delegate units connected to the control unit (on 4 lines) without the need for boosters/splitters
  • Expandable up to 240 stands by connecting a second control unit
  • Maximum distance between the control unit and the last stand connected to a branch: at least 150 m
  • Built-in anti-feedback device on the control unit.
  • Four audio outputs for voice reinforcement, where needed, which can be associated to groups of units and can be deactivated or attenuated with microphones in operation
  • Built-in chip-card reader/writer on the control unit
  • Two auxiliary inputs (microphone, microphone with phantom or line) can be set mixed or with priority on/under the system
  • USB and RS232 serial connection
  • Basic functions can be accessed without PC connection, configuring system main unit through graphic display and keys
  • PC software is available on request for complete and expanded management of conference and voting

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