Konferencijski Mirkofoni


by Rcf


A unique console equipped with a 60 cm (23.62 inch) gooseneck microphone and configurable as Delegate/Chairman/Secretary.  Every microphone set, in grey anthracite zinc-aluminium die cast alloy (also suitable for semi flush-mount installation), is equipped with a hypercardioid professional microphone with luminous ring on gooseneck indicating its activation.  Every microphone set has a high efficiency high qualit neodymium loudspeaker which is automatically attenuated when the microphone or the neighbors ones are turned in order to reduce the acoustic feedback. The user interface is intuitive and it is composed by a Smart-Card reader/writer, two multi-function talk push-buttons associated to LEDs, two buttons for adjusting the output volume of the local loudspeaker (or headphones). The microphone is equipped with an automatic control and processing system allowing the speaker to talk standing or seating with the same acoustic performance. The use of the SMART-CARD is fully supported by the display that interacts with the user, providing useful information (wrong card, card to use on another microphone unit etc.)

  • Delegate, chairman and secretary modes on the same console
  • Two loudspeaker/headphone volume keys
  • Talk/Book/Mute buttons
  • Five contextual keys assigned time to time to icons on the graphic display for conference and voting
  • Multiple languages can be displayed
  • In/Out RJ45 connectors
  • Integrated smart card reader/writer
  • Provided with an headphone output, a LINE output to allow maximum operation comfort
  • Provided with microphone input to allow maximum operation comfort


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