Bes Audio BW350 LLC USA HT

Mikrofoni Bežični (WiFi)

Bes Audio BW350 LLC USA HT

by Bes Audio

The BES Audio BES350R professional wireless receiver offers a remarkable value in performance, price for working musicians and sound installers.The expanded feature set of the BW350R wireless receiver - with advanced setting and controls including lockable function, group/shannel scan, auto muting, noise threshole setting - offers a direct path to full, clear audio signals. Diversity receiving topology provides top-level sound quality without interference from others.

BW350R / Single Receiver True-Diversity

  • LCD display with amber backlight clearly indicates all status in one place.
  • Digital volume control systems coupled with touch buttons simplify setup and operation.
  • Digital controlled SQL (noise threshold)  with user friendly interface.
  • Built-in two channel antenna distributor ensures a stabilized reception.
  • Automatically SYNC-Locked with transmitters via infared interface.
  • Supporting 32 compatible systems across multiple UHF bands.

BW600HT / Handheld Transmitter

  • LCD screen with amber backlight indicates Group no, Channel no., Battery life RF power, AF Gain, SYNC&Locked status.
  • Adjustable transmitting gain control circuit for use in different environments.
  • Adjustable RF power 5mW/10mW/30mW for different environments.
  • Wireless synchronization with receivers via infrared interface.
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