Bes Audio BW250

Mikrofoni Bežični (WiFi)

Bes Audio BW250

by Bes Audio


The BW250 system is equipped with 10 frequency groups, a total of 160 channels per frequency group, and up to 16 non-interfering channels. The system has automatic search for free channels, and infared data sync functions. The application of antenna diversity circuit ensures a rich reception in a complex application environment. This model is fully functional and suitable for a variety of churches, multi functional conference halls, schools, and other occasions.

BW250R / Antenna Diversity Receiver

  • LCD Display with blue blacklight clearly indicates all status in one place.
  • Tactile switches ensure easy control and operation.
  • Antenna diversity circuit design enhances reciever's stability.
  • Automatically search for vacant channel.
  • Wireless synchronization of transmitters via infared interference.


27.140,00 din.

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