Bes Audio AMX800 Eight Channels Automatic Mixer

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Bes Audio AMX800 Eight Channels Automatic Mixer

by Bes Audio

Technical data :

Microphone Input Impedance : 10KΩ AUX Input Impedance : 50KΩ Output Impedance : 200KΩ Microphone Max InputLevel : -12 dBu AUX Max Input Level : 60 dBu S/N Ratio : >80dB Audio Response : 40Hz-20KHz Power Supply : AC+/-15 1000MA Dimensions : 482*180*44mm





8 Channels Automatic Mixer ◆ Automatically enable the using channel with a smart volume level control. ◆ Main output level will automatically adjust proper level to avoid the feedback when using multi-channels. ◆ Able to set any channel as primary, all other channels will be attenuated when the primary channel is in used. ◆ High, Mid, Low EQ can be adjusting individually. ◆ The last operating channel keeps on ensuring the sound still in the meeting environment. ◆ The system is controlled by microprocessor, as many as 16 systems 128 channels can be used in series. ◆ Capable of using 48 V Phantom power, auxiliary input and monitor headphone output

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