Pojačalo 100V RCF UP 2082

Pojačala 100 voltna

Pojačalo 100V RCF UP 2082

by Rcf


UP 2082 is a device with 2 separated and independent 80 W amplifiers, each having 2 audio inputs, of which one with priority function through a closing contact.

Both the audio inputs are at ‘line’ level: for pre-amplified signals or music sources (e.g. CD players, tuners, etc.).The amplifier output is available either for low impedance loudspeakers (min. 4 Ω) or 100 – 70 V constant voltage line (for loudspeakers having 100 – 70 V transformers). The amplifier is Class D with switching power supply; the overall weight is extremely reduced plus it offers a wide audio bandwidth quality.

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