Bes Audio IEM600 In Ear Set LLC USA

In Ear Sistemi (WiFi)

Bes Audio IEM600 In Ear Set LLC USA

by Bes Audio

 Bes Audio IEM600 In Ear Set

  • 10 preset groups. Each group has 16 interference free selectable channels. Altogether make up a total of 160 selectable channels
  • No limit of the receivers, infinite receivers can operate in the same band.
  • Blue backligh LCD shows clear working status.
  • Optional stereo and mono modes.
  • Left-Right audio level adjustment control on receiver.
  • System input level switch (0dBu or -12dBu) imporves connectivity between different equipment.


IEM600TR In-Ear Monitoring Sistem           

RF Modulation :     wideband FM stereo

Frequency Range :     K1 : 655~679 MHz , K2 : 838~865 MHz

Peak Deviation :     +/- 40KHz

Swithing Bandwidth :     24MHz

Max Channel Number :     160 Operating Range Under Tipical Conditions

Note : actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection, and interference     300'(92m)

Frequency Response :     +/-3dB 60Hz~17KHz

Total Harmonic Distortion :     +/-30KHz deviation 1KHz tone <0.8%

Dynamic Range :     >90dB A-weighted

Operating Temperature : Note : different brand of battery may have different limit     (-10 Cº to +50 Cº)

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