Bes Audio  A800 Wide Band Directional Antenna

Mikrofoni Bežični (WiFi)

Bes Audio A800 Wide Band Directional Antenna

by Bes Audio

The BES A800 is a directional antenna for increased range and reduced interference as compared to regular omnidirectional 1/2-wave antennas. The A800 can be mounted on a microphone stand or mounted to a wall using the integral swivel adapter bracket. It is not recommended to use too many antennas in a same installation. In multiple units installation, an antenna distributor BWD280 is recommended to be used with the A800 directional antenna.


A800 Wide Band Directional Antenna       Resonate Frequency Range :     500~900MHz Radiation Pattern :     Omni Directional Standing Wave Ratio :     1.3 or less Insulation Resistance :     500MΩ at DC 500V Gain :     7dBi Connector Type :BNC (50Ω) Dimensions :     11.4"x10.3"(290mmx260mm) Weight :     6.4oz(180g)

23.482,00 din.

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